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Guy Weston-Smith, expert design thinking and insight at Celsious

Guy, explorer of human experiences

7 Juin 2019

At Celsious, we like rich and atypical backgrounds. Guy is one of them. After studying poetry in England and business in France, he first worked in investment banking before becoming fascinated by human behaviour. For the past 10 years, he has been dedicated himself to human-centered innovation.


3 words that define you

Curious, pragmatic, determined

What can you bring to Celsious’ clients?

I have strong expertise in identifying and exploring what the opportunity is for a new ’thing’ to become a lived, everyday reality and how to overcome the barriers that tend to kill off promising new ideas.

I focus on what people want from their world tomorrow, no matter what subject. This leads me to partner with a very broad range of clients on projects that can go from open-ended exploratory work on trends and emerging behaviours to changing the way an organisation runs, to facilitating creativity sessions and developing then testing new concepts. 

Your super power

Asking questions that reveal unexpected truths

According to you, what are the main innovation challenges of the 10 years to come?

Our society is currently facing profound paradigm shifts that will need to be solved in the next years:

  • How to align what is good for humanity (not just pleasurable or practical), what is good for our planet and what is good for organisations to create genuine value for all of us?
  • How to help humans to deal with the ever-increasing pace of technological change and ensure that we don’t just become ’servants of the machine’?
  • How to get much better at dealing with ageing and, specifically, the end of life?
  • How to get much better at dealing with inequality and sharing our planet’s wealth?

If you were an invention, you would be…

 Ideally something essential but almost invisible like the shipping container or the barcode – vital in everyday living, created collaboratively and that just works! Failing that a cheap, low impact toilet for the over 2 billion people that don’t have access to one!

Any tips for a future Celsious’ client?

Don’t stop challenging your brief and leave yourself room and time to ‘wiggle’ – to change what and how you explore any given subject.

Bring together a truly mixed and open-minded team to accompany your project – don’t be afraid of disagreement, do be afraid of group think

Don’t forget to spend almost as much time making your ideas ’sticky’ and telling stories as anything else during a project